​Madden 23 - Be great stuff Mattanite


This is great stuff Mattanite. Your spreadsheet will assist me in severa methods.

1. One of the matters I love to do whilst growing sliders is play severa franchise video games again and again once more with  "common" groups. I edit the Broncos and their week 1 opponents (closing 12 months it turned into NYG) in order that every group is identical and has common scores throughout all positions (plus no SS/XF gamers) after which play masses of video games at the same time as manipulating sliders in order that I can get a reasonably steady "common" set of stats throughout a couple of video games.

This 12 months in addition to the Seahawks I'll do Denver's week 2 opponents (Texans) as nicely so I can account for HFA.

The hassle with a variety of person slider units is they appear to take no account of scores. By controlling for scores I suppose I can create a greater steady slider set once I begin franchise.

Anyway your spreadsheet will permit me to fast perceive score averages throughout all positions. This will keep me a variety of paintings!

2. Your spreadsheet will even assist me recognize weighting for beginners and destiny draft classes. I generally tend to apply different humans's draft classes, however your spreadsheet will assist me align their draft magnificence so it does now no longer skew the general averages throughout the league.

The XP arc turned into primarily based totally on M20 and 21 paintings however has remained a first rate estimator on the grounds that they rescaled draft magnificence ovr down however improved XP for below age 26 gamers. Still best an estimate.

The XP sliders projector for roster distribution is best an estimator too, and I might be jogging take a look at leagues for Madden 23 to set our SMLE sliders once more (simply in case positions earn XP at specific prices among 22 and 23).

Speaking of SMLE, I see British for your name... are you in one of the European sim leagues?

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