​Madden 23: Meta blitzing BS hardcore


So I performed 2 video games in a row with a person one the usage of three-three KC protection. At first I attempted to run with 6-7 linemen and a TE however it didn’t matter, they’d come via blockers even 1 on 1.

These have been CB and Safeties having no issues dropping blocks. Then I found out passing brief routes that have been running however even though my receivers made awesome cuts his eighty-eighty five dbs might soar four or five yds and int.

On protection I’d play guy and his fine receiver, 86 Chase changed into making cuts towards my Snead and Ramsey that might be 10+ yds huge open instantly… Even if I’d consumer my FS and soar the direction, my defender wouldn’t even react to the ball going proper beyond his head. I attempted batting and catching moves and not anything might paintings. It changed into like an insta capture each time.

I sooner or later might set the DBs manually to play out of doors and below and consumer one facet of the sector gambling the interior routes and the cpu picked it off once, the subsequent ownership he’d simply throw excessive passes or lobs and I changed into again to rectangular 1 even gambling zone. 4th sector I sooner or later found out throwing out routes the usage of the excessive bypass alternative were given me 2 TDs or he wasn’t trying.

The problem is, I simplest had 1 sec or much less to throw a bypass, so I spent the bulk of passing getting sacked seeking to parent out which receivers have been getting open rapid… I simply don’t recognize humans who've to apply glitchy strategies to win as an alternative of truly having a laugh and making it a sport primarily based totally on talent.

That’s all on line mut is. That after which after they’re on offense they’ll throw lob passes to Parham or Moss and due to the fact Parhams tall the glitchy shit piece sport will provide him ridiculous animation catches nearly each time. Can’t anticipate some other  weeks so humans will recover from the truth they they spent cash(to buy Madden 23 coins) on the sport and admit it’s by some means worse than ultimate 12 months (equal factor each unmarried 12 months).