​Madden 24 Beta Now Available: How to Download and What to Expect


The highly anticipated Madden 24 beta has been released, and fans all over the world are excited to get their hands on this early glimpse of the game. In this article, we will discuss the details of the Madden NFL 24 closed beta, including the available game modes, crossplay features, and new additions to the playbook. We will also provide instructions on how to download the beta and address some important guidelines set by EA Sports. Let's dive into the world of Madden 24 and explore what it has to offer.

Details of the Madden NFL 24 Closed Beta:

The Madden NFL 24 closed beta offers players the opportunity to experience some of the game's features before its official launch on August 18th. EA Sports has provided players with four modes to play during the beta: Play Now, Head-to-Head Ranked, Online Franchise Mode, and Practice Mode. Additionally, Superstar modes will be introduced soon, and Ultimate Team mode will also be available. At that time, hot Madden 24 MUT Coins for sale will also be opened in MMOexp.

One exciting feature of the closed beta is the inclusion of crossplay, allowing players to test their skills against others on different gaming consoles. This feature will enable players to gauge the level of lag when playing against opponents on separate consoles or against friends who also have access to the beta. It adds a new level of excitement and competition to the game.

The Madden NFL 24 closed beta also introduces over 500 new plays to the playbook. These plays are not final and will be updated multiple times throughout the beta phase. Players can expect a range of new plays and strategies to explore, particularly within the playbooks of teams from the NFC North, NFC South, NFC East, Chargers, Chiefs, Colts, and Seahawks. This presents an excellent opportunity for players to test out these playbooks and discover exciting new strategies.

Downloading the Madden NFL 24 Closed Beta:

Downloading the Madden NFL 24 closed beta is a straightforward process. If you own a PlayStation or Xbox, you can access the beta by following these steps:

   Go to the store on your gaming console.

   Navigate to the redeem code section.

   Enter the 12-character voucher code provided by EA Sports.

   Once the code is entered, you will gain access to the closed beta.

It is essential to note that EA Sports has sent out beta codes via email to those who signed up several weeks ago. If you registered and have not received your code yet, remain patient as the distribution process may still be ongoing. In case you did not sign up, there are opportunities to obtain beta codes through giveaways on Twitter. Keep an eye on social media platforms, as creators and organizations often host contests where you can win beta codes.

Guidelines and Restrictions:

EA Sports has established guidelines for the Madden NFL 24 closed beta to ensure a fair and secure experience for all players. Participants are prohibited from sharing photos, videos, discussions, or thoughts about the beta. Violating these guidelines may result in removal from the beta and the potential banning of all Madden accounts.

Closing Thought:

The Madden 24 closed beta offers fans an exciting opportunity to explore new features and gameplay mechanics before the official game launch. With various game modes, the introduction of crossplay, and a multitude of new plays in the playbook, Madden NFL 24 promises an immersive and thrilling gaming experience. By following the provided instructions, players can easily download the closed beta and embark on their Madden journey. Remember to adhere to the guidelines set by EA Sports to ensure a fair and enjoyable beta testing phase. Whether you are a fan of Madden 23 or eagerly awaiting Madden 24, the future of the franchise looks promising, and there is much to anticipate.