Madden Coins - I accept the bill and Madden NFL 18 Coins


He just created his annual TODAY and I anticipate that was his aboriginal anytime post. If you adjudge to accord with him, I wouldn't go aboriginal with him. Good luck and if you still ambition to accord with me, hit me up on one of my lineups for Madden Coins.

Even if we accord LeBron, you accept to go aboriginal because although MT is harder to make, Madden bill are appealing harder as well. I grinded about a ages for my 1M so yeah. I aswell accept a 2KHead annual as able-bodied so. Guys I just ambition to say that this is not a scam.

LeBron and I did a accord on 2kHead for 400k MT. I am a trusted Average Man over there so if ur absorbed I'll average man ur accord with Lebron.

This is absolutely not a scam. Here's how I MM. I put up a agenda from anniversary console/device, we do it in increments unless it's like 1 million.

Once I get acceptance that I accept the bill and already you pay me. I accord you guys the coins. This way it's fair. Today, the latest Madden NFL 18 Coins drudge apk is out and accessible to download now. Our aggregation accomplished this new drudge and they’re accessible to accord it for you.