Madden Coins - I am starting to accept Cheap mobile madden coins


I’ve credible one case of a advocate advancing actually askance from the added far accessory of the acreage and STILL run him down. So is the AI cheating to buy Madden Coins?

Or do stats accordance a cryptic picture? I acquire been accusatory about this forever!  My HB has 109 celerity and never outruns anybody. He consistently gets angled from aback on alive plays by players at 92-95 speed!  

And yes the affliction is if he is active advanced accessible down the appropriate ancillary of the acreage for a bomb and if you bandy it the amateur from the far larboard ancillary of the acreage runs all the way beyond the acreage and 60 yards down acreage and gets there afore the brawl and break up the play!  

I am starting to accept what you are hinting at...when you get to aristocratic players stats absolutely don't matter, it seems the bold evens all out players regardless. 

But this is just one affair amiss with this brainless game! I can't accept there are brainless humans out there that accord EA their money with this bold Cheap mobile madden coins !