Madden Coins - The minimum claim for mobile madden coins


My name is Googin1.I'm a circadian player. 113 OVR. 117 offense, 118 defense, searching for a alliance that plays adaptation alternation at top levels. I still play clash drives everyday, but I'm absolutely absorbed in the top akin survivor alternation rewards to buy Madden Coins.

Two spots accessible afterwards removing two players that accept not been alive for over a week.  We're accomplishing our best to accept a beginning accumulation of associates to accumulate us as alive as possible. More spots may accessible up in the abreast future.

The minimum requirements for abutting is 85 OVR and that you do your circadian Alliance Vs Alliance and Alliance Survival.Sorry Mickeys120. The akin that it is apropos to is the OVR.

We've bumped that up to 85 recently.LOL! Ok, I anchored it. That will advise me for not account over what I administer lol!  Sorry about that Mickeys120 lol. Two new spots are accessible afterwards removing two associates that were abeyant for a week.

The minimum claim for abutting is 85 OVR and that you participate in Alliance Survival, which we run daily. You can yield allotment in Alliance vs League, but it's not a requirement to Buy madden mobile coins.