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Zach martin is absurd to get, aswell with tyron smith. Lane Johnson is bargain appropriate now, luckily i got him from UF and never awash it. For OG I would either use Ghost Martin for addition as you accept or 99 +2 str Little.

If you run a UF aggregation like me, you'll get +3 from Bos, huge boost. Appreciate the insights. How do you accept +3 Bo's if you accept both Gurley + Kamara? I do run a appealing abundant UF aggregation and I've had HB Bo 3 altered times but couldn't get rid of my Legend Okoye.

Either way, I could get Kamara but Legend Okoye is too abundant of a barbarian to get rid of yet (110 OVR) and that Neut FB Dimarco looks humanly bendable (personal preference).

I like my aggregation to accept some grit... which makes CHILD PLEASE attending like a boss advantageous advantage if alone he had some blocking power to buy Madden NFL 18 Coins.