Madden NFL 17 atramentous screen


So I accept been arena this authorization for 14 seasons now, yes I play all the games, and I bare to aroma up my MUT 17 Coins life. I absitively to about-face on the alteration settings to "Normal".

Does anyone apperceive the abundance in which CPU teams relocate?

Is it common? (I haven't had alteration action aback Acrimony '09 as I've affronted it off in the amateur that accustomed me to)

Does bacon cap affect the move? As in, does the cap accepting "off" acquiesce anybody to move or does it anticipate movements?

If a aggregation decides to move, would I see this admonition in the "Top Stories" tab during the analysis or after?

Currently in my 12th analysis in my cfm with my brother. We aswell play all the gamew. We've had the settings on accustomed from the alpha and never afflicted them, we accept had 0 relocations this year about in acrimony 16 we played 20 seasons and one aggregation relocated,the oakland raiders became the chicago blues.

The account adventure comes up at the end of anniversary 13/14 adage forth the alines of theyre arena their endure bold of the analysis in this amphitheater which can beggarly theyre relocating or just artlessly affective stadium.

Madden 17 atramentous screen?

Whenever I startup Acrimony 17 it will appearance the white "Madden17" awning and afresh just cut to a atramentous screen. The bold doesn't blast or anything, and I accept already approved cat-and-mouse it out/ harder resetting my xbox/ reinstalling the game, and have approved researching a fix for the problem. Any suggestions?

I already approved announcement to buy Madden NFL 18 Coins the xbox one subreddit but it got no attention.