Madden NFL 18 on PC now a possibility


M18 on PC now a possibility?Was just thinking, because the success of cross-platorm gaming with Xbox One, what are the affairs that you anticipate M18 could become one of those games?

Wont appear EA would never accord anyone adeptness to go through bold files.FIFA is on PC admitting that can't be their reasoning.

What he meant to say was that the NFL will not acquiesce EA to acquiesce gamers to admission bold files to change aggregation names, logos, and all added bookish acreage aural the NFL universe.

They are a decidedly austere able sports alliance if it comes to this bits - and it is no agnosticism an basic allotment of the NFL's absolute accord with EA.

Because anger is absolute abundant anti PC these days. I'm abiding they accept their reasons, but a lot of us anticipate a big one is they don't wish to association searching through their bold files.

Those added amateur aren't madden, area they accept a cartel on a football video game. Personally, I anticipate they are absolute apathetic and cut corners with anger because they don't accept to attack with anyone to advertise their game. I'm bold searching at the bold cipher and files would betrayal that.

I apprehend this to happen. It seems like now is a acceptable time, as there has been a bit of a improvement of PC gaming during the accomplished brace of years.

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