​Madden NFL 2020 Wishlist


A associate and I play CFM and accomplish teams through fantasy abstract or clean and accept done so for about 5 years. One starts in AFC and one NFC and we've had some best games.

Some things we accept talked about authoritative the bold bigger all axis from our acquaintance arena 2k. Some account below:

1. Trading

One of the pains in our arses is trading for players/picks we wish or trading abroad players we don't want. 2k has a barter finder that works on both levels as you could calmly barter abroad a 29 year old Earl Thomas if he wasn't allotment of your plan after spending ages alive through who may wish him and crumbling time.

2. Scouting

EA accept attempted to accomplish the abstract immersive through abstract belief but it's so aged it feels like they added it in endure minute. Aloof is a antic as well. You charge a abounding immersive aloof ambiance such as accessory the Aloof Combine, Pro Days and absolutely targeting positions of needs and players of need.

Open to how this would plan but the abstract is by far my favourite abstraction in online authorization and its underdone.

3. Assistant Coaches/Hiring from College

This needs an check and has been mentioned in this cilia but needs to happen. I brainstorm there would be some absorb contravention with NCAA and that you couldn't just appoint Nick Saban but there's means to accomplish it plan by alteration the name hardly with the aforementioned apprenticeship pedigree.

Also poaching/hiring coordinators adds a abyss aspect to add enjoyment.

4. Chargeless Agency

Stop authoritative the Skins and Fins pay massive $. It's funny but that's about it.

Maybe implementing a personality blazon that links to adherence to the aggregation would be a acceptable way of ensuring chargeless bureau is affluent with talent.

5. League Composition

Needs to be addressed. 2k abacus in custom amplification teams is a bold changer. You should aswell be able to customise your aggregation names/uniform.

Also if you move your aggregation to addition city-limits you should be able to use your old uniforms as ‘throwback'.

6. Rookies

Madden 16 had an alarming affection that included an algorithm or agnate that attenuated faces calm to accord rookies a absolutely animal attending and an identity.

The custom 20 faces just do not cut it and you acclimated to get some amusing searching abhorrent linemen with massive mullets and hillbilly teeth.

Any added suggestions? Pls tell us on Maddenvip.com!