Madden NFL 25: How to Unlock and Beat the Hidden Solos


EA Sports has dropped a bombshell on Madden fans with the release of Madden NFL 25, introducing a fresh set of hidden solo challenges. These solos promise exciting rewards and an opportunity to test your skills on the gridiron. In this comprehensive guide, we'll show you how to unlock and conquer these hidden solos in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

Understanding the Basics

Before diving into the strategies for beating these hidden solos, let's get acquainted with the essentials. Madden NFL 25 introduces a new feature where solo challenges have a locked icon on top of them, preventing access until specific requirements are met. The primary requirement involves having players with specific chemistries in your lineup.

Chemistries are a crucial aspect of Madden Ultimate Team, and in this case, they determine your eligibility to unlock and play these hidden solos. To access a particular solo challenge, you need to equip your lineup with players who possess the chemistry associated with that solo.

The Six Chemistries

Madden NFL 25 introduces six distinct chemistries, each represented by a letter: G, L, B, S, C, and M. Let's break down these chemistries:

1. Gliders (G)

2. Legitimate Legs (L)

3. Boom Bros (B)

4. Scrapers (S)

5. Compatriots (C)

6. M-Force (M)

To participate in a specific solo challenge, you must have two players in your lineup with the corresponding chemistry. For example, to unlock a Boom Bros solo challenge, you need two players in your lineup with the "B" chemistry.

Earning Stars and Rewards

The hidden solos offer enticing rewards, with the ultimate prize being an 86 overall Grid Iron Guardian hero from the Fantasy Pack. This player is auctionable, allowing you to sell it on the marketplace for a considerable sum, approximately 130,000 Madden 25 coins. Earning these rewards is based on collecting stars, which are obtained by completing the solo challenges.

To unlock and beat all the hidden solos, you'll need a variety of players with different chemistries in your lineup. This process can initially be confusing, but we'll break it down step by step to simplify the strategy.

1. Identify Your Solo Challenges: Start by determining which solo challenges you want to tackle first, based on the rewards and your team's chemistry needs.

2. Equipping George Carloftis: George Carloftis, an 84 overall player available for free, possesses all six chemistries. Equip him with the chemistry required for the solo challenge you want to complete first.

3. Acquire the Necessary Players: Next, browse the auction block to find players with the chemistry you've chosen for George Carloftis. Purchase these players and place them in your lineup.

4. Play the Solo Challenge: Now that your lineup meets the chemistry requirements, play the corresponding solo challenge until you earn stars.

5. Repeat the Process: After completing one solo challenge, switch the chemistry on George Carloftis to the next required chemistry, buy the appropriate player, and play the corresponding solo challenge. Continue this process until you've completed all six chemistries.

Choosing the Right Players

To expedite this process, it's crucial to know which players possess the chemistries you need. The auction block can be your best friend in this regard. Players with the chemistries have a letter symbol next to their team logo in their player cards. Keep an eye out for these symbols when browsing the auction block.

As of now, 83 overall players with the desired chemistries are more readily available than their 86 overall counterparts. This means you may need to wait for the second release of solos to acquire the 86 overall players needed for certain chemistries. Alternatively, you can complete the solos now with 83 overall players and then sell them to purchase the 86 overall players when they become available.

Strategic Approach

Here's a suggested strategy to maximize your success in unlocking and beating the hidden solos:

1. Acquire 83 overall players with the G, L, and S chemistries, as George Carloftis already possesses the M chemistry.

2. Play the solo challenges associated with these chemistries and keep the 83 overall players in your lineup.

3. For chemistries C and B, wait for the second release of solos, hoping that 83 overall players with these chemistries will become available.

4. Once the second release arrives, complete the remaining solo challenges and earn enough stars to claim your free 86 overall Grid Iron Guardian hero.


Madden NFL 25's hidden solos offer a tantalizing opportunity for players to earn valuable rewards. While the initial confusion surrounding these challenges may seem daunting, following the steps outlined in this guide will simplify the process and help you make the most of this exciting feature. Whether you choose to wait for 83 overall players or take on the solos immediately, the rewards are well worth the effort. So, gear up, strategize, and dive into Madden NFL 25 to unlock and conquer those hidden solos.

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