Madden NFL17 advance Ideas


What do you anticipate could be implemented that would advance the

all-embracing acquaintance of the game?I would like the abstract to be better.

I'm ailing of seeing a Position assemblage area there isn't a individual

accepting with 1 or 2 annular grade. I would aswell like to adapt abstract

classes like In NBA 2K.

  Editing abstract classes would be so nice! I would adulation if we could

charm allegorical abstract classes.

  Editing abstract classes would be a bold changer. It would add so abundant

to the bold for A LOT of people, abnormally those who ambition NCAA football

still existed.

  They charge to do this. Would accomplish humans ambition to play

authorization added if there was the adeptness to accomplish abstract classes

based on the next 3-4 years of academy ball.

  They don't ambition humans to play added franchise, they ambition humans to

play ultimate aggregation so they decay their money.

  Personally, I would adulation if the NFL chock-full censoring things like

concussions and compatible alterations. Realistic injuries, academy stats, and

customizable uniforms/logos would be ideal in my world.

  Bring aback an absolute different career mode, not just be a amateur in

cfm. A complete be a pro like they acclimated to accomplish with endorsements,

amalgamate workouts, signing deals and agents and possibly an absolute adventure

mode. My bigger affair is that afterwards a while there stops accepting any

investment in arena the games. Bringing aback a lot of the attenuate nuances

that fabricated things beginning would acutely advance the game.

  Coaching carousel. Assistant coaches with attributes that in actuality do

something. (QB guru, auto boosts QB progression) Retired players accepting

accessible in apprenticeship pool. Editable abstract classes. Scouting

amalgamate events. Intentional accomplishments accepting called. Man to Man

aegis rework. Amateur personalities that aftereffect barter requests, chargeless

agency, retirement, or aggregation chemistry. Reworked arduous system. Halftime

appearance rework that showed alliance stories. Off brawl injuries/noncontact


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