MaddenVip - 42 Things EA Needs to Fix for Madden 18


I play Madden nfl 17 so a connected i anticipate that 42 Things EA Needs to Fix for Madden 18.Look here:

1.Let Leagues Do Play Testing

2.Show Wind at All Times

3.Save Bold Progress

4.Make Copies of Leagues

5.Export Alliance Rosters

6.Import Abstract Classes

7.Create a Bigger App (Full schedule, Amateur stats, Aggregation stats, Standings, Players of the week, News stories, Transaction log)

8.Grant Commissioners Added Controls

9.Sliders for Everything

10.Stop with the Relentless Regression

11.Provide Added Details in Transaction Log

12.Show Us the League's History

13.Update the Amateur Browsing Screens (Freeze names to the larboard on agenda the aforementioned way attributes are arctic up top, Add filters, Acquiesce us to acclimate carbon columns so we can put a lot of accordant stats up front. Accomplish complete agenda size, cap information, aggregation stats readily attainable on the top of all pages, Accomplish dev its own cavalcade on all pages, Appearance acme and age in columns, Calmly toggle)

14.Alternate Uniforms is Not News

15.Update In-Season Chargeless Abettor Bidding Process

16.Completely Overhaul Offseason Chargeless Agency

17.Track Advanced Stats (Quarterback accurateness on short/medium/long passes, QB hurries, Agenda difficulty, WR targets, Drops, Rushing success out of altered altered formations, OL sack rate, Time of possession, 4th analysis comebacks, etc. etc. etc.)

18.Make the Pro Bowl After-effects Not Suck (Show us Pro Bowl voting totals, Appearance us Pro Bowl voting totals throughout the analysis just like accolade voting, Appearance us stats on the Pro Bowl after-effects page. It'd be nice to analyze stats of the guys who made it, Let us bang on amateur profiles from the Pro Bowl after-effects page, Leave the Pro Bowl after-effects page accessible for added than a alone week. A abettor has to almanac himself browsing the Pro Bowl rosters to appearance the blow of the alliance since annihilation abroad can appear during Pro Bowl anniversary and it disappears as anon as you beforehand to the Cool Bowl, SHOW US TEAMS ON THE PRO BOWL RESULTS PAGE!!)

19.Let Us Play the Pro Bowl

20.Show Stats on the Accolade Pages

21.Let Us Create Custom Aggregation/Jerseys

22.Allow Added Salary Options (Allow us to awning assembly bonuses or incentives, Bring aback the alone chiffre arrangement modifier from Madden 16, Awning aggregation options and amateur options, Bring aback arrangement holdouts, Acquiesce us to see the full breadth of the arrangement on the salaries page. Appropriate now, it alone shows 5 seasons even admitting you can assurance players for 7-year deals)

23.Allow Alliance Expansion

24.Allow Analysis Re-Alignment

25.Introduce Assorted Buyer Mode

26.Improve Replay Centermost Control

27.Add a Acreage Ambition Target Line

28.Add a Abstract Board

29.Expand Sub Options and Personnel Packages

30.Bring Aback Receiver Shadowing

31.Get Rid of Practice Band Auto Assurance / Auto Cut

32.Eliminate Icing

33.Show Stats on Playbook Architecture Screen

34.Show Play Names in Practice Mode

35.Allow Sustained Drives in Practice Mode

36.Add Accidental Play to Games

37.Change Wind Best Screen

38.Stop with Absurd Goals

39.Fix the Bottom Ticker (Show final scores, not array as they amend throughout the game, Appearance bold stats, Fix the buggy records.)

40.Fix Accumulation Subs

41.Add Situational Amateur Subs

42.Make it Easier to Put Backups In

Just my views.Hope you love.Do you think so?

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