MaddenVip - 9 Spots accessible in a column fantasy abstract league

We are in year 1 anniversary 7 of our fantasy abstract alliance and accept 6 spots open. 48 hour beforehand and we use accumulation me.

- Bengals

Luke Kuechly

Landon Collins

Brandon Cooks

- Browns

Tyreek Hill

Ryan Kerrigan

Tevin Coleman

- Chargers

Jimmy Graham

Mike Evans

Stefon Diggs

- Chiefs

Zack Martin

Ezekiel Elliott

Ndamukong Suh

- Falcons

DeAndre Hopkins

Delanie Walker

Everson Griffen

- Lions

Xavier Rhodes

Marcus Peters

Dalvin Cook

- Patriots

Von Miller

Lane Johnson

Casey Hayward

- Raiders

Earl Thomas

Zach Ertz

Chris Harris Jr

- Texans

Aaron Rodgers

Doug Baldwin

Jabaal Sheard

Already that abounding accessible slots not even center through year 1? That alliance is asleep already. Anybody who drafted is still in the league, it is complete difficult to get new bodies for teams that accept been drafted. The majority of bodies got their asses handed to them and abdicate could cause they lost.

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