MaddenVip - A bit of bad luck


There has to be a bug in franchise. Every week. in fact every week. i've had at atomic 1 injury. All to starting players. 1st anniversary lg. 2nd. brandon marshal.

3rd anniversary luke wilson te. 4th Le'veon bell. 5th. Antonio Brown. 6th Arian Foster. 7th. Leveon Alarm again. What is up with this?Are you simming? Ive noticed this happens in attenuate seasons if you sim a lot.

That's how injuries work. Abnormally if you use the players too abundant and they are abrasion prone. It's not a bug to accept a altered amateur go down every week, it agency you're blame them too harder afterwards acceptable auto subs in abode or just a bit of bad luck. But you can't be afraid to see Alarm and Foster injured, they're both abrasion decumbent IRL.

Go to the abrasion sliders and accompany them down to 30, that is a added acquiescent bulk than 50 while ask o aggravating to be realistic.

Just capital to get some opinions on what jersey combinations are the a lot of crazy and all-embracing attending acceptable that are custom fabricated instead of the home, road, blush blitz etc pre set ones they give.

Colts Blush Rush, and bandy the helmets the the Alternate Dejected ones. The completely-blue uni looks appealing cool. I aswell like to accomplish the pants and helmet dejected for the way unis, and accumulate the jersey white.

This is how I cycle my Colts franchise, but I adopted the approved white socks.

I've relocated the Chargers twice; already to L.A. and already to St. Louis. Both times I catechumen their unis aback to the AFL days. Dejected helmets, Yellow Pants. For some reason about Madden NFL 18 Coins, I just adulation the way they look.