MaddenVip - Accomplish bang-up tokens auctionable


The bang-up promo has been a absolute cool, fresh, and new abstraction for the backward bold stages of MM, and I'm absolute blessed that they did it. However, there's a botheration for Madden NFL 18 Coins bodies who are ashore in a affliction of 1-7 tokens, breadth they can't acquiesce to complete a boss, and accept invested Coins that are now worthless.

It would be alarming and advantageous if EA could do something with bang-up tokens so that they can be salvaged or awash to admission at atomic some acknowledgment on investments that are no best possible.

I'd achieve for gauntlet tokens accessible for use in the bang-up aristocratic collectables set.

But that doesn't breach the botheration of bodies who can't accomplishment bang-up sets. I'm all for changes that accomplish it easier to access them, but it sucks if you get ashore with 3-4 and can't do annihilation with them.

The ambit of the affairs accept been acutely authentic from the beginning. EA shouldn't be amenable for bailing you out artlessly because you bootless to plan ahead.

If you didn't ambition to be in this situation, you shouldn't accept congenital the tokens to activate with.

Like the guy said previously, don't about-face them into tokens if you aren't abiding you can accomplish the boss. EA may be to accusation for a lot of things, but they aren't to accusation for your short-sightedness.

How do I get bang-up tokens a what do they do? I'm sorry, I just started out and apperceive nothing.

They're tokens that abide of about $600,000-$750,000 account of items. If you aggregate ten of these tokens, you can add them to a bang-up set.

A bang-up amateur is a 99 OVR amateur with 2 +5 boosts, which bureau they are acutely big-ticket and acutely useful.

If you could buy tokens, you could acquiesce to body them... The acumen bang-up tokens would become auctionable is for those who ambition to advertise because they can't acquiesce to accomplish the boss.

They'd advertise them to about-face their "worthless" (since they can't about-face them into bosses) tokens into coins.

If you're aggravating to not yield a absolute accident from the tokens, I'm abiding there would be a bead in bulk for the bulk it would yield to in actuality body the token, and what it would be awash for Cheap Madden Mobile Coins.