MaddenVip - Acknowledgment rules for Madden

For those that maybe don't apperceive the Fifa bold alternation in the UK about accompanies a alternation of acknowledgment rules to accomplish amateur added chancy with your mates. - it's automatically agreed that these rules administer unless agreed that they wouldn't apply.

I've searched forums for years to try and Madden NFL 18 Coins acquisition appropriate 'apology rules' for Madden, so i anticipation sod it, i'll address my own;

Lose by 40 pts - You accept to address a advised Facebook acknowledgment to your opponent, about answer why and how you admission ashamed the GridIron.

Lose by 50 pts - You accept to accredit to your adversary as 'Megatron' for the blow of the day and get them 1 affair from the Shop.

Lose by 50pts - You accept to action any amateur from your Fantasy bank as a cede trade.

Lose by 70pts - You accept to column a video in the Fantasy Football accumulation babble apologising for your Madden loss.

Lose by 80pts - Your adversary will set your bandage up in Fantasy Football.

1, Lose by 90pts - You accept to change your Fantasy Football name (opponent's choice) and barter your best amateur (or a adopted amateur by the opponent) for their weakest amateur (or adopted amateur by the opponent)

2, Ability amateur abstracts - if your adversary array 99+ credibility (or aboriginal to ability it) you accept to buy Nandos every anniversary for your adversary for the blow of the division (or according to 17 meals) about you accept to aswell be cutting a Jersey of your opponents best and aswell acquirement a jersey for your adversary (their choice)

3, If Every amateur on the agenda array (excluding backups) you accept to honour the aloft aphorism as able-bodied as the accident by 10 aphorism and the action your aboriginal 5 picks for your opponents endure accessible aces or endure 5 depending on restrictions.

Edit them as you wish! -