​MaddenVip - Alive alliance of 10 years with 1 atom accessible for analysis 2

Welcome to Apprehend this about Alive alliance of 10 years with 1 atom accessible for analysis 2.


PS4 – Advances Tuesday and Thursday at 10PM and Sunday at 1PM EST

SIM appearance of play

10 Min Quarters (15 sFecond Accelerated Clock)

Difficulty: All Madden (Adjusted sliders)

Custom Playbooks: Yes

Messaging: GroupMe mandatory

Who is MEFL?

I've been arena in Madden leagues for 10-15 years and this is EASILY the best alliance I've anytime been in. Due to altered action events, we accept a few openings which is absolute attenuate for us. Currently open: Ravens. We are advancing to Anniversary 3 of analysis 2 tonight

We are a SIM Alliance of 5+ years, with a ample accumulation of amount owners who accept been in this alliance a continued time. We accept an earlier user accumulation that averages about 30-40 years old. There's a acceptable antithesis of antagonism and accepted fun in our league. Over the years, rivalries and friendships accept been congenital which has even led to absolute action friendships and meetups on occasion. I like to anticipate of the alliance as a association of sorts. We accept guys that play 2K together, Show, and added amateur as well, and anybody is consistently talking $.25 about their admired teams in absolute life. It's a nice escape from work, kids, wives, etc.

What we are searching for:

-Someone who is complete but can handle ball-busting, aback and alternating banter, etc in the accumulation chat. Our associates are consistently traveling at anniversary added but accept that it's acceptable natured and we are all adults. It's not accepted that you participate in every altercation and muting the accumulation babble is in actuality fine, but we do adore bodies who accompany their own personalities to the table.

-Someone with a lot of SIM experience. We are a sim league, through and through. We are searching for anyone who understands what that entails. We do accept a aphorism book but annihilation out of the accustomed for a sim league. The absolute alliance has been arena Sim for upwards of 10 years so we are searching for others who accept acquaintance and accept what's accepted of their gameplay.

-Must be able to accomplish to 3 amateur per week. Advances are Sunday afternoon and Tuesday/Thursday night. A lot of of the alliance has wives, children, etc but we all accomplish a concerted accomplishment to get our amateur in. It's no botheration if you allegation to go abroad for vacation, or a above action accident or madden mobile coins something but we are a absolute alive alliance and searching for anyone who brand the activity. We play a lot of seasons. We are acquisitive to acquisition anyone who's in it for the continued booty and wants to be a allotment of a in actuality air-conditioned association of guys with agnate interests who adulation madden.

Tl:dr Searching for a complete guy with SIM acquaintance who wants to be a allotment of a cool, alive association with added guys with agnate interests and play some Madden.