MaddenVip - Arena all 30 years on Connected Franchise


Hey guys just apprehensive how far anybody has played in any franchises they've had?

Me abandoned I've been cat-and-mouse the accomplished few maddens to aces one and Madden NFL 18 Coins play all 30 seasons as the ultimate experiment... And so I don't buy the new one every year because they hardly improve.

I am on Madden 17 and it's my admired bold play astute on the accepted Gen. Madden 18 is debris to me.

Anyways I plan on arena a astute 30 years. So far I am on year 3 with the pats. Brady is still QB as I acclimated the change age accomplishment and he will retire at the end of this season.

He consistently retires too early! Arena all pro with custom sliders (all Madden too difficult for me personally).

How far acquire you guys gone?

Ps. I acquire been demography screenshots / video forth the way of highlights and stats and plan to put them online ancient whenever I am finished. Will yield a while I brainstorm but I am traveling to do it!

I'm currently in the AFC Championship bold in the fourth year of my Buffalo coinss franchise. I've played every bold with astute sliders (all-madden) I begin online.

Made it to the Cool Bowl in year 3 abandoned to lose to the Seahawks (queue the coinss SB jokes). This year I accomplished 14-2, and I'm acquisitive to win it all.

On top of this, I've taken the time to adapt A LOT (at atomic 100+) of the drafted players in all of the drafts I've done so far into absolute activity academy diplomacy - I don't adapt any ratings or dev traits...only names, faces, height/weight and schools.

I acquire guys on my aggregation such as Lamar Jackson (Louisville), Shaq Smith (Clemson), James Robinson (Florida) and Jerome Baker (Ohio St).

Some added guys about the alliance in case anyone is interested.

Josh Rosen - NY Giants Sam Darnold - NY Jets Saquon Barkley - Colts.

Overall, accumulation absolute activity players into my authorization has fabricated it far added agreeable and I plan on arena 10+ years.