MaddenVip - CFM needs a complete above patch

Having putting up with playbook issues. Accepting credible alteration melancholia goals. Depth blueprint changes. Now I'm seeing my account xp disappearing.

I'm about absolute the bold is accepting worse as I play the game. Something is in actuality besmirched on the CFM. This is abundant worse afresh I've anytime credible out of Madden.

Just started one this week. Every epitomize stutters. Afterwards every bold I'm alternate to the home agenda and accept to reload into CFM. This morning, it froze aggravating to accessible Drillmaster Goals.

What is your bold acceleration set to? I switched abundance about and got epitomize abashed but if I switched aback to accustomed it was fine.

Go into alliance settings and abreast the basal there is a affair about auto progression breadth the cpu will absorb your credibility for you. About-face it off. You can do this at any point in your season.

So how does this get angry on in the average of a season? I just analysis and it was angry on. This was off up acquaint anniversary 8.

It is on by absence if you started the franchise. You accept to about-face it off every time you alpha a CFM.

They charge a lot of updates... My H2H rank abolished a anniversary ago and it wont appear back. My credibility are accretion if I win, but I just don't accept a rank. It shows "-" instead.

The tab for examination your rank in H2H is gone for me aswell. Shits bankrupt fam. We in actuality just had a annihilate in a 32-man alliance breadth the LB who won LB of the Year got the accolade but no xp.

It's so harder to accept achievement sometimes. It's a odd annihilate because I see the adored xp in progression window but no complete xp.

Did you alpha from custom or "real life" rosters? I'm assertive there's a cogent bribery affair if starting with complete activity rosters.

Real activity rosters that updated. Alpha anniversary 1 of complete nfl. CFM has a lot beneath issues if you accept to alpha from "custom rosters".

If that's true, that's ridiculous. Can we accomplish custom rosters that are the aforementioned as complete activity easily? Anyone apperceive how?

When you alpha with "custom", you alpha with whatever rosters book you currently accept installed. So you'll get the latest accustomed rosters by default.

However the rosters are missing a lot of abstract aces changes, madden mobile coins so you may accept to do some plan to fix that in-game.