MaddenVip - CFM needs an analysis in Madden

CFM needs an overhaul. Here's one amend that would accomplish me so complete happy. I've apparent affluence of humans say that Madden needs an analysis on their CFM. I can't accede more to Buy Madden Mobile Coins.

One baby detail that has been missing for years that needs to appear back; abandoned amateur aggregation history. If I'm simming through the ten year advantage they've accustomed us, why the hell can't I see area a specific amateur played in that time?

I acquisition it alluring to chase a player's career, no bulk area they started. This affection acclimated to be present, but now we just see a player's stats according to the year but not what aggregation they were on.

Come on guys! I ambition to see the 5th-7th rounders or undrafted players that had to action about afore acceptable superstars or mainstays on their accepted team. Am I abandoned on absent this small, yet acute (to me) affection back?

Just let me apperceive who they played for. Like appropriate next to the annual stats acquaint me the team...They acclimated to accept it. Not abiding how abounding years back, but it was a abundant feature.

Why they chock-full assuming the aggregation next to the year, I accept no idea.

EA: "But what about these new MUT promos we've developed, abandoned $99.99 for the best of the best!"

MUT squads man! Thats what awash me on the game! Madden should just atom CFM and accomplish it all MUT. Why aren't annual stats recorded for teams? Sim ten years and accept no clue who won the SB the aboriginal nine of them.

One way to analysis that is go to the bequest leaderboards and array by buyer afresh you'll be able to see how abounding they've won. The abandoned abrogating about this is the owners IRL SB wins are aswell tracked so those will accept to be accounted for.

"We deceit do pro bowls. not abundant anamnesis for our behemothic aggregation and 2017 technology. We are so befuddled by how amateur work, programming assault our minds. Don't ask us to plan hard, we just ambition to yield it simple year to year."

I get it with the pro basin argument, they've potentially got to archetypal 32 altered helmets with altered bulk decals and face masks. My adverse would be just accept all-encompassing AFC and NFC helmets, that'd be fine.

But they cannot possibly altercate that they don't accept the anamnesis for what amounts to a fucking Excel spreadsheet. Area did they say that?

I dont ambition to apprehend any excuses. boo hoo for them. They charge to get to plan and bulk it out.

You're just accepting ignorant. It's a accepted issue, I just don't accept why they don't just go the avenue of accepting a all-encompassing NFC/AFC compatible and absolution us play with that.

And they in actuality do not charge to get to plan and bulk it out. It's so far down the annual of priorities it about warrants a mention. There's abundant added important things to be done, like authorization improvements.

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