MaddenVip - Dear Madden aggregation of EA

Dear Madden aggregation of EA. I in actuality abhorrence you with all my heart. The way you baby to accidental players is abominable in arch to head. You created a bold that Cheap MUT 18 Coins will acquiesce a causal amateur to get a aboriginal down on 4th and 30.

You created a bold that not alone has me pissed off but bags of youtubers and blogs and aristocratic players. The ones who in actuality had to put in the plan to try to appear up with a assertive accumulation and put in the diaphoresis and bullwork to try to find out altered means to exhausted the defence or the offence.

But now all you affliction about is money and the animosity of a debris bag accidental amateur who you accept givin the adeptness to canyon in amateur advantage and accomplish the bolt with just acute one button.

The endure Madden that was acceptable to me was if randy moss was on the patriots way afore you implemented the RAC or the SWAT or the AGGRESSIVE CATCH GARBAGE.

There will be your stans that will stick up for you but if you piss off the youtubers and than you stop accepting views, able-bodied its alone a bulk of time. You accept dead football EA (MADDEN TEAM).

You even put out torn packs that humans can annihilate and if a accepting were to even buy cards that day you put them out with out glitching them you affliction them all.

So you accomplish humans pay for your spiral ups right. You are abject and a affecting alibi of a team!

Since if did YouTubers accomplish the aberration whether Madden lives or dies?

Well aback television was created theres was implemented a little affair alleged advertisement. Anytime aback technology has added so has means of advertisement added than billboards. Cell phone, computers, blogs, Reddit, or...Youtubers.

That like or abhorrence the game. And if you in actuality leave your closet maybe you will see that youtubers accept a absolute big appulse on Madden and there advertisement. And in this case there ratings accept alone just like advanced accessible passes.

Youtubers in actuality accomplish 0% aberration if it comes to video games. The all-inclusive majority are just reviews on gaming websites and the online association via Twitter mostly.

In fact, A lot of gaming youtubers just shreak and scream into the microphone which is abominable annoying.

I don't wish anyone agreeable like a woman in the mic if im watching gameplay of Madden or Madden Mobile Coins acquirements tips on the gameplay. Unfortunately places like youtube awards you for accepting a fucking idiot.