MaddenVip - Derrick Henry is a monster

I had cardale Jones at qb so it's safe to say I ran the brawl alot added

than passed. At the end of the division Derrick Henry had won MVP, best rb,

OROTY,Madden NFL 18 Coins and OPOTY. I anticipate he had about 370 carries for 1800 yds and 24 tds

which concluded up accepting about 170,000 experience...

  Hot damn. I consistently like RBs who can barter but I accept Gurley with

the Rams. I concluded up trading him for some picks because you don't absolutely

charge to accept a cool accomplished RB to accept a acceptable run game. There's

affluence of abundant ones in the abstract or with lower overalls...

  Have you anytime played adjoin bell?

  He's so good. In my franchise, he had 355 carries for ~2,450 yards and 16

TDs. Still didn't win MVP admitting so he didn't get too abundant XP.

  Who the hell won MVP over him? Had to be a hell of a year for that guy.

  Carson wentz threw like 50 TDs.When I did authorization approach with the

Rams, Derrick Henry was a FA the afterward year. Obviously best him up.

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