MaddenVip - Do not do h2h in Madden

Don't do h2h if you ambition W's in weekend turny...I'm in aristocratic 2 appropriate now. Endure anniversary I was In gold something and scoring was air-conditioned easy. This weekend I can't even get canyon off afore their air-conditioned man DE just runs about my lineman.

Something needs to change , even if it's just a way to burning cost aback down capacity in h2h.

Waffledonkey5 - I'm in HoF and haven't noticed any apparent aberration in adversity from tourney to tourney. I went 15-4 this tourney. I did play 2 13 added touchdowns but that's gonna happen.

Robmox - I'm HoF with alone 83/81 aggregation and I was decidedly arena adjoin humans with lower rated teams than abundance in this tourney. I went 15-3 this morning. In H2H, I play adjoin 93/93 teams all the time.

I apperceive I apperceive but damn, some humans acquire to draft a ton of banknote to get that top so fast. I aswell just don't see the fun in that.

They are the retards that acquiesce EA to in actuality not do annihilation for the adventurous except absolution new packs and still run bags of profit.

It's affectionate of babble that the arrangement rewards humans who are lower capacity because they get simple matchups but anteroom of acclaim humans acquire to play op band ups every time lol.

Yeah, its a debris system. I acceptance the way to do it would be to get to HOF afresh absorb 1000s of Stamina accident on purpose. This needs to be changed.

Try restarting your phone, or accomplishing the tourney alone in the aboriginal mornings or backward nights. I apprehension that adversity has added to do with the acceleration that the server is active at, as adjoin to my HOF status.

I'm still scoring in 13-14 seconds, but alone if I'm paying absorption to time of day. FYI the servers in actuality get active from like 10am-9pm pacific. During that time, it's INT City.

No superman DE accident havoc. Just acquire bigger plays, get better, and do able-bodied next tournament. This adventurous can be competitive, it doesn't acquire to be air-conditioned simple for everyone.

Also wouldn't it be arbitrary to the lower akin humans arena adjoin bigger opponents that advisedly are arena at a lower akin because they can't win every bout adjoin players of their own ability level?

Games don't charge to be easy, amount out what works for you and learn.

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