MaddenVip - Do that in the NFL and your ass is cut

Where is the simulation actualization bold play I was promised? It abiding as bits isnt in Madden.

Every FG approved amid the 30-45 is blocked or absent because of the fucking tiny graphic, every alone one. Unless youre the CPU who will consistently accomplish 50+ backyard FGs like theyre chipshots from the 2 backyard line.

I just watched my centermost who is 91 acquaintance angle up on a canyon play, attending at the blitzing LB in foreground of him move to his larboard and bifold aggregation with the LG as the LB runs appropriate beside for an simple sack as my QB was accepting accessible to bandy the ball.

Of advance he wont even bandy the brawl beneath burden he anon takes the 15 backyard sack instead, EVERY SINGLE TIME.

My CB just ran advantage area he was exhausted on a improvement route. Was 5 yards from the WR and FUCKING WALKED OVER TO HIM TO TACKLE HIM AS HE CAUGHT IT. HE FUCKING WALKED TO HIM.

Had he ran he would accept jumped the avenue and had a aces 6 traveling the added way. Do that in the NFL and your ass is cut afore you airing aback to the bench.

The disability to jump and accomplish an interception on a abysmal avenue by the safeties is atrocious. CB and FS in actuality aback abetment the receiver and neither would play the brawl even if I told the guy to. They waited until it affected the WRs hands and bankrupt up the canyon instead.

The circuit moves. Every RB does not do circuit moves. Eddie Fucking Lacy does not do a circuit move EVERY TIME he runs the ball, yet Madden abiding as bits thinks he does.

Carlos Hyde does not do the circuit move every time but Madden abiding thinks he does.

These guys accept done a circuit move in the NFL beneath than 5 times in the NFL but Madden makes them do a circuit move as anon as a apostle is abreast them.

Switching players on QB scrambles is debris again. MLB stood in the endzone 20 yards abroad from the scrambling QB and would not let me about-face to him until he beyond the ambition line.

Then there is alive the ball. For some acumen OL advanced they allegation to be blocking MLBs and safeties downfield instead of the guy anon beyond from them as I breeze the brawl so my RB gets the fun of 3v1ing the dline.

I was told there would be simulation and there is not. I accept yet to see this bold actualize a astute simulation.

Falcons destroyed out in anniversary 1 vs the Bears 41-6 is as acceptable to arise as award out coins Gates is my dad.

Ratings looked like they were put calm by a toddler. Abiding my 2nd annular OL aces should accept all his stats jacked up except his acquaintance that you fabricated a 60. Area is the development of the player.

Thats just cutting for bits XP every bold to accession his acquaintance so he doesnt get my QB dead every game.

Maybe accomplish his acquaintance about 75 and his blocking stats lower giving me a beyond ambition to plan on over a few seasons, you apperceive TO ACTUALLY SIMULATE A PLAYER DEVELOPING IN THEIR CAREER!

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