MaddenVip - Do You REALLY Ambition To Own Your Franchise

Do You REALLY Ambition To Own Your Franchise? Instead of cat-and-mouse for EA to adapt CFM, we're because accomplishing it ourselves as an Esports Alliance area anniversary aggregation is run as it's own MUT 18 Coins business.

Thoughts, feedback, suggestions all welcome. Actuality is what we accept so far...

Year 1(Madden 18): Bequest owners are grandfathered in and accustomed the advantage to clearly buy a aggregation for $25. With that the buyer gets a login for a twitter, psn, beat and YouTube annual all branded to that team. Contour

images for all accounts customed done with alliance branding. All the buyer has to do is log in with their ambassador and play.

Money goes to a alliance website, trophy, SB t-shirts and ads for the SB livestream. (SB appearances beggarly aloft contour and accession in aggregation followers)

Each aggregation buyer is amenable for its own agreeable and amusing media presence. The added views, subscribers and followers a aggregation has the added it's worth.

The bigger the alliance does the added the teams are annual and carnality versa. Alliance will aswell do it's own amusing media as well. Reporters, interviews, highlight show.

Year 2: Minimum buy in $50. All teams accept angled in value. If an buyer can advertise their aggregation for more, they're accustomed to do so, all amusing media and aggregation profiles alteration with new owner.

If an buyer quits the buy in goes to the league.

With buying comes security. Just like complete NFL 2/3rds buying vote to be ejected.

Each year the alliance continues to abound and the franchises ascend in value. It aswell keeps guys affianced and committed.

I've got added data but that's the pillars so far.

With alliance rules, but actuality we'd accept the added advantage of abeyant fines ($5 or something) for unsim play. Goes to alliance backing and NFL 18 Coins put aback into league.

As allotment of this we would accept a non alliance buyer as an complete abettor to accomplish final decisions on buyer based punishments.