MaddenVip - Even added studs in the abstract classes in M18

My bigger ache is that the abstract has way too abounding superstars. So abounding players in circuit 4-7 accept superstar development or alpha as a 75+ ovr.

It makes accepted boilerplate players around abortive as you wind up drafting 6 or 7 75+ ovr players that anon alter the adept guys.

Rookies usually dont alpha in the NFL unless theyre aboriginal rounders or accomplished 2nd annular guys.

Obviously you get the exceptions but theres too abounding of them in ceremony abstract class.

Edit: Forgot to add, this was a botheration in M17, but I candidly advanced they added even added studs in the abstract classes in M18.

My affair is the ages for drafts. Its not the affair I ambition afflicted most, but so abounding of the players are 24 its weird. I ambition to see added 21 and 22 year olds and even a brace 20 year olds befuddled in the mix.

Yeah allegedly every amateur wants to alum academy lol. Theres annihilation worse than seeing a dude with 3 amazing stats...easy aboriginal rounder, afresh acquisition out hes 24...I about never abstract 24 year olds in the aboriginal 2 circuit unless the talent is in actuality deceit miss.

Everything you mentioned are improvements to anger not authorization approach specifically.

Considering that you play amateur during the authorization mode, and those changes arise while you're arena said mode, they do technically calculation as improvements to that cheapest Madden 18 Coins mode. Advanced about it.

If you play every bold endure year, you'll never accept one amateur on the abhorrent band get hurt, nor will you see any off-ball injuries.

Now, you do. Affectionate of a big accord if that accurately impacts agenda management.

But my point is that if your best advance to authorization approach is off-ball injuries afresh you did in actuality annihilation to change it.