MaddenVip - Got rid of the abeyant players and acerbity quitters

MaddenVip - We afresh did a abode charwoman of our alliance and got rid of the abeyant players and acerbity quitters. All-embracing the alliance is absolute active. We're arena at atomic 6 seasons, maybe even more Madden 18 Coins!


Currently anniversary 13 division one of 2017. All teams are about untouched.

Alliance advances alert a week, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

All-Madden, 8 minute abode (may be be switching to All-Pro)

General adequate sportsmanship rules apply, we aren't a austere Sim league, but no abandonment on your opponent, abusing plays, never huddling, etc... We're not a crazy austere amoroso sim league, but don't play like a dick.

Owner Responsibility:

Be active. Accepting alive is the bulk one apprehension of every member. If you are beheld as an abeyant buyer you will be removed from the league.

It is your own albatross to agenda your own amateur and if you acquire an affair extensive an adversary amuse acquaintance a a Commissioner. You will acquire the best of arena the CPU or Simming. It is not adequate to just canyon on a game because you do not ambition to play an opponent.

Do not acerbity quit. If you acerbity quit, afresh you put yourself in abode for a abuse that could be harsher than the breach adjoin you.

Communication will be done through Discord. They acquire a website, desktop program, and Mobile app. Don't column horse porn and be a racist asshole. Smack talk, NFL talk, alliance talk, fantasy football talk, etc... is all welcome.

You may not bead a amateur into FA afresh about-face about and abandon them just to get them on a cheaper deal.

Teams Available:

Atlanta Falcons 8 - 3

Buffalo coinss 2 - 9

Denver Broncos 5 -6

Indianapolis Colts 2 - 9

I accept the teams are actually intact. Added Madden NFL News in