MaddenVip - How abounding Coins and items you have


I'm searching at upgrades for my defense, decidedly for DT to alter Pro Bowl Donald. I'm searching at Metroblitz Chandler Jones, Abstract Geno Atkins, and PH Kawann Short (only accept about 333k at the moment).

I aswell ambition to get some opinions on my accessory and my positioning to Buy Madden NFL 17 Coins. I accept PH Annihilate on my bench.

In addition, I accept 11 bang-up tokens but am disturbing to accomplish a accommodation whether to buy a new bang-up to advertise and afresh buy OBJ.

Another acceptable advantage is the new UH Linval Joseph. He goes for beneath 200k and is absolute acceptable for his price. Put Annihilate in nickel, move Rhodes to dime.

Get drupe and put in slay. Sherman shouldn't be on the acreage and do you run a 3-4 or 4-3? Get Miller out of the angle and get a new DT or LB depending on if you run a 3-4 or 4-3. 333k is affluence to advancement appropriate now.

Does a 4-3 or 3-4 aegis abandoned bulk during LvL or H2H?

It's your abject arresting set for the AI if your on aegis during lvl and h2h.

I beggarly aboriginal things aboriginal move miller into Collins spot, collins into clowney and Clowney into the flex.

Not if he runs a 4-3. Clowney has bigger advantage skills, so in a 4-3 you ambition him on the alfresco and on the field.

Why did you atramentous out how abounding Coins and items you have?

I get that it was apparently a bot and I've apparent guys column agnate Screenshots of this or abundant snipes. I was just suprised because I never appear to attestant it.

I acclimated the aforementioned account if I beatific it to my alliance kik. Just didn't ambition them seeing for my own reasons.

I consistently wondered what the sellers apperception set is. Did they column that on purpose, or was it a fuck up? I candidly dont anticipate rhings luke this are intentional.

If anyone is impaired abundant to anticipate the boilerplate accepting could get that agenda and they are accomplishing anyone a favor they are wrong. 100% of the time that's a bot.