MaddenVip - How are the updates to CFM this year


Haha, just kidding. But for real, I am analytical as to how everyone's online franchises are going. Even tho the access itself was mostly untouched, I'm analytical if there are any big allowances in this years about-face to the frost engine.

One affair that's consistently agitated me is not animate for abiding what stats/attributes absolutely mattered year in and year out, is there any added accuracy this year? They revamped blocking so I accept run blocking vs appulse blocking makes added sense?

Defensive backs aswell accept action battles this year, is there any adumbration on whether or not the columnist carbon is in actuality annual upgrading, or if college acquaintance will advice non user action battles?

Sorry for accepting cool specific, this is my aboriginal year in bisected a decade not arena Madden religiously, just aggravating to adjudge whether or not I wanna accompany an online cfm or not, any added ascribe on what you like or don't like about your league is appreciated!

I've been arena Madden 15 on my old Xbox 360 while I yield a continued amplitude of aggressive leave afore my next assignment base and I accept a newfound acknowledgment for Madden 18.

Surely I absent some of my admired guys in my 5 division old CFM, but the UI is apathetic and wonky, the cartoon are appealing bad (in comparison... I mean, it's endure gen vs new gen systems, so there's that), the bold generally freezes for 3-5 seconds amid the end of a play and play calling, and the bold just seems abounding beneath aqueous all around.

Anyways, my Madden 18 CFM is traveling appealing well. I'm a huge Texans fan, so I cut Savage and ran with Braxton Miller as my QB1 for the aboriginal year while Deshaun Watson was out. We had a harder fought 9-7 division with Lamar Miller breaking 2k yards and Hopkins arch the alliance in touchdown receptions.

Now I'm 13 amateur into year 2, and I'm currently 9-4. I best up a solid MLB in the abstract to alter Cushing on his way out in the 3rd (1 and 2 accord to Cleveland...) as able-bodied as some linemen and a few DB's.

I aswell acclimated chargeless bureau and best up Prince Amukamara to strengthen my accessory and a few linemen. I plan on application my 1st annular aces on a adolescent CB, but we'll see. I'm in actuality absolutely adequate the bold and can't delay to get to Okinawa so I can blaze up buy Madden NFL 18 Coins my CFM afresh and get to work.

I absolutely acknowledge the reply, even afterwards the edit. I can acquaint we get the aforementioned aftereffect out of arena this game, football is a admirable thing. I'm animated you've got something to attending advanced to as able-bodied while serving, acknowledgment for all you do brother.