MaddenVip - I am blessed for this change in Madden

Am I the alone one who sees these changes as a bit lazy? I get what they were traveling for Madden Mobile Coins but it just seems affectionate of ridiculous.

An 88 acceleration LB will now be 88 acceleration his absolute career, just doesn't accept right. I accept accel will allegedly still backslide so he may not feel as fast.

All I anticipation they had to do was advance the corruption age up to like 31/32, and afresh accomplish the acceleration corruption -1 a division instead of -2, and afresh maybe cap how abundant acceleration a amateur can lose in their career.

Overall I am blessed for this change because it adds activity to guys who are 26/27 at accomplishment positions.

Or at atomic accomplish it position specific, it's maybe alright for a bend to cap at 90, but Mariota is gonna be 89 acceleration until he retires.

For a aggregation that claimed they never do things bisected assed, this is actually bisected assed.

Seems like aggregate not involving the engine bandy this year is apathetic tbh. They're commitment it in.

It's a poor bandaid for a arrangement that does not accommodate itself to immersion. Let the "competitive" ambience use XP and acclimate authorization for a sim experience.

That's not astute at all admitting really, I mean, not anybody is Darrell Blooming Ffs. God Bless Moonlight.

EDIT: ancillary note, 60 fps agenda annal looks adult af. About time they canal old consoles.

Sooooo... apprehend to never advancement speed. Bigger abstract all ancestor players.

I'm accomplished with never accepting able to advancement speed. How generally do players get faster as they get older?

Nah it's absolutely reasonable to abstract a 6'6 88 acceleration WR and acquire them up to 93 acceleration in a division or two.

I consistently anticipation it was awe-inspiring how simple it had been to advancement a player's speed. Like how generally do you anytime see that appear in complete sports? Basically never.

I beggarly just go in and acclimate a player's acceleration if you wish EZ cheeze mode.