MaddenVip - I await on custom playbooks in Madden

First of all, I await on custom playbooks in Madden. Specifically on offense. I accept added abounding plays to my playbook, and await on my "this bearings calls for this play" playbook often.

Last year, I would generally alarm plays that I had added to my playbook, and the aggregation would appear out in the punt formation.

Unfortunately, endure night I noticed it's aswell accident in Madden 18.

It's abundantly frustrating. I basically accept to accept amid crumbling a abeyance or demography a adjournment of game.

Keep up the characterless work, Madden. I've never heard of this issue, the affliction I've had with custom playbooks is that I'd accept plays and even accomplished formations not be there during the game.

I've never had this appear and I consistently use a custom playbook.

EA reads this and activity at tricking accession accepting into arena MUT because the boobytrapped the added adventurous modes into sucking or costing MUT coins.

Never apparent that and I consistently use custom playbook. One annihilate I did apprehension is that sometimes the SPREAD accumulation plays out of shotgun are amid in the Hail Mary section.

I deceit get custom playbook to save singleback and I accumulation Audibles. Adeptness not assume like a big accord but even if I absorb ten account in adventurous to about-face them to what I ambition they abandon at accidental times in the game.

I had the aforementioned affair endure year with shotgun splitbacks.

And just curious...What do you attending at if you breeze the ball? I try searching for ppl blitz'n, afresh linebackers, afresh I usually end up searching for my checkdown.

I never authority the brawl for added than 3 abnormal because I'm so abashed of accepting sacked and feel like it hurts me on accepting able to accord acceptable routes time to develop.

The Windows adjoin area are so small. How do you administer your casual game?

Before the play apprehend the aegis to see area the holes are, afresh baddest a avenue that abuses those holes.

Watch the receiver as he makes his cut Madden NFL 18 Coins and if he doesn't get accessible area you anticipation he would afresh bandy the analysis down.