MaddenVip - If aggregate was Auctionable and Madden Mobile News

10/11 Madden Mobile News (New PL, Showstopper, MF Events, End of Blush Rush, and New Packs)...Upcoming blush assault events:

10/12: 1pm‑1:30pm: Achieve bolt in anniversary of 4 zones (7 attempts)

10/12: 8:30pm‑9pm: Knock out 11 zones by hasty (HB dive weak, 4 attempts)

Each win = blush assault patch

These are the endure ones of the blush assault promo, so be abiding to attending out for them!

Boss Events: End 10/13 at 8 AM EST

Last blush assault blitz contest end on Friday 4 PM EST

Sets will still be up until 10/20 at 6 AM EST however.

New PL: Shaw Mason (+3 str till 11/10)

New Showstopper: Aaron Rodgers

MF PREVIEW EVENT: 10/13 to 10/16 @ 8 AM EST. 3 events, 30 stam each, with a "carnival pass" as a accolade for commutual all 3.

Carnival Canyon will be automatically adored for MF items already the promo launches

On 10/13 only, there will be a MF Arch Alpha backpack for $2.99 (contains a Showstoppers Pack, a "MF Backpack Redemption item" that becomes a MF backpack if MF launches, and a MF bill booster locker item).

MF Bill Booster: 1 = 10%, 2=20%, etc.

Other packs out:

10/12 Rising Star Packs

10/13 PL and Showstopper packs

10/14 Legend packs

And I absence the canicule if aggregate was Auctionable. A huge allotment of the fun is axis my rewards into accumulation in the bargain abode and addition out how to bend myself for the big wins.

EA has fabricated it abundantly bright that you are advised to pay absonant amounts of money to get the best rewards from promos. Ok, that's fine, I get it, you're a aggregation that needs to achieve money. No botheration with that at all. But hey, can you at atomic achieve the promos fun afresh by absolution us use the affection that makes Madden bend out the most-the bargain house?

Here's my acquaintance from this promo: I accomplished day 1 that there was aught adventitious of accepting added than 2 heroes unless I committed my every alive moment to this video game. Not gonna happen. So all those screens with all those adorned Boss players and Madden Cash deals were in actuality ashen on me. I played the Blush Assault events, did the Gauntlets, Madden mobile coins and in the end got my Davante Adams (whom I anon fed to Kelce...rawr). I would amount my assurance with the Blush Assault event as.... 3 out of 10. If I could accept auctioned the players, gear, and patches, it would accept been a 10 out of 10.

The AH is a game-within-a-game. It adds cogent depth, action and fun to the promos. Amuse accede alleviation the reins in the next advance and absolution us accept fun with the bargain abode again.