MaddenVip - Is there a way to change controls in Madden 18

Every bold I end with about 50 plays and the CPU has 80+. Is there a slider for this!? Their RB ends the bold with as abounding carries than I do TOTAL PLAYS.

Upgrade your aegis would be the best fix. A bigger aegis would could could cause added abbreviate possessions. The added advantage would be to bore and bore to access your play count. But in the end it doesn't bulk what your play calculation is it's the score.

It's crazy unrealistic that's the point. They consistently acquire 3, 4, 5 backyard runs and consistently catechumen during breach only. Aforementioned as endure year.

I beggarly if you're accepting big plays consistently afresh it's not in fact unrealistic. If anniversary Team gets 8 backing and you boilerplate 6 plays per drive and they get nine because they acquire to face added third down/don't get as abounding big chunks of yardage, that's a 46-72 difference.

Personally I adopt for my aegis to face added snaps, and why I like to play breach only, because it gives my lbs added affairs for tackles and dbs added affairs for aces so that they are in the alive for end of analysis rewards.

Is there a way to change controls in Madden 18 aback to the way they were in antecedent Maddens?

I abhorrence the new accidental controls (holding LB to aim top and low, bifold borer for blow throws, etc.). Aforementioned as the new arresting controls acute you to columnist LB or RB to afford blocks and all the added nonsense they threw in this game.

Any way to backslide the controls aback to the old ones or am I ashore acquirements the new controls?

I've looked all over but haven't begin a way.

And I just got done with a approved analysis in CFM on Madden 17. I play adjoin all AI for reasons.

My alive aback set some hasty annal this year, so I accepted that some guys on my band would achieve the pro bowl. Turns out that all of my starters did AND TWO BACKUPS!

I'm abiding they played, if any Madden NFL 18 Coins, just a scattering of snaps aback OL don't get aching in this game.

Has anyone abroad anytime apparent brainless accepting like this? I don't acquire how difficult it would be to affairs the bold so that cool things like this don't happen.