MaddenVip - Madden 15 2017 To 2018 Agenda 360 and PS3

MaddenVip Madden - Madden 15 2017-2018 Agenda 360/PS3.


*Complete Aperture Day rosters.

*Updated ratings, ages, jerseys and years pro for the 2017-2018 season.

*Transactions up to date as of 9/7/17.

*Top cleft actualization for all added players.

*Audio added to hundreds of players.

*Retired Players accept been removed from the bold absolutely and won’t reappear in Connected Authorization Mode.

*Fantasy abstract is 100% working. You can add as abounding players as the bold allows and fantasy abstract will abide to work.

*Updated over a thousand contracts. All players on their amateur affairs accept been advanced. The 2016 abstract chic accept 3 years remaining, 2015 accept 2 years actual and 2014 accept 1 year actual on their contracts. I aswell anchored a lot of the 2017 FA affairs and I anticipate a lot of of the 2018 chargeless agents accept just 1 year actual on their contracts.

*Development affection has been added to some players from the 2015, 2016, 2017 abstract classes. You can analysis the players who accustomed the Dev affection advancement by alive a fantasy draft.

*All teams are below the cap except Miami (-$7 Million) and Atlanta (-$3 Million).

*This agenda has 2874 absolute players as of 9/7/17.

Instructions for Xbox 360:

Download the agenda book and accessible Horizon. Go to Device Explorer / Amateur / Madden 15 / afresh accept any M15 agenda book and bifold click. Go to Contents and appropriate bang on the file. Accept Replace and baddest my agenda book afresh bang OK when done. Now just columnist the Save, Rehash and Resign button and you are done.

Or Download on Madden 15 Xbox 360 association files.

Gamertag: WretchedOrc6

File name: 2016CommunityRoster

Instructions for PS3:

Thanks to Schoene503's NBA2k instructions.

The afterward are instructions to save an offline book so you can play it on your animate ( if you already accept your PS3 contour ID adored in Bruteforce Save Data do the afterward )

1. Load agenda binder into Bruteforce Save Data

2. Bang on dejected black "Rebuild" button amid to the appropriate of the basal screen

3. Hit Rebuild Full

4. Delay for book to save(a brace of abnormal usually)

5. Close Bruteforce

6. Archetype the anew adored folder/file to a beam drive

7. Insert beam drive into finer aperture #2 on PS3

8. Go to XMB on PS3>Game column>Save Data Utility

9. Locate the beam drive & afresh the agenda book on the drive

10. Hit triangle button to archetype agenda book to PS3

11. Done


*You accept to auto alter the abyss archive in bold for all rosters except the M15 360 roster. You can alter them about you ambition afterwards.

*This agenda is absolutely FREE and should never be for sale. This agenda was fabricated by me abandoned for the Madden association with abandoned my in bold created players (nearly 25% of all players) and official EA players on the roster.

*Feel chargeless to anchorage this agenda or use this as a abject agenda if you ambition to alpha your own clandestine agenda activity or one that you ambition to allotment advisedly with the community. Use a altered agenda as your abject or do your own plan if you plan on affairs updates please. Allurement for donations for your activity is fine.

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