MaddenVip - Madden 17 is rigged


I'm arena in a fantasy alliance appropriate now area I'm accepting my own Runningback, Madden 17 Coins and even admitting I ran for 282 yards, 3 touchdowns, and had 34 points, the added aggregation got a touchdown in the final 2 anniversary of the game, kicked an onside kick,got addition touchdown to tie it up, won the bread bung in OT, and got a touchdown catastrophe the game.

How is the bold this unfair? It makes arena absurd if the added aggregation just does unrealistically well. I've even noticed in my Quarterback-only alliance that if I blast a acreage goal, the added aggregation bliss a acreage goal.

If I anniversary a TD, they anniversary a TD. So I never beforehand in the game, and my aegis consistently gets exhausted one added time for a one anniversary loss.

Madden 17 is rigged.And How to change adversity settings in madden? I afflicted it to All Madden in the authorization menu, but in bold it's still Pro.

As the appellation says, my acquaintance and I fabricated an offline authorization and approved alteration the adversity settings to All-Madden.

When we were arena our aboriginal bold afterwards alteration the settings, the bold options said the adversity was still on pro, but if afterwards the bold I looked aback at the settings and it says All-Madden still.

Any abstraction why it's afraid at pro adversity during the absolute games? Maybe because my acquaintance is just arena as a bedfellow or something?

Any anniversary acquaint me here, accede you in advance!

By MaddenVip!