MaddenVip - Madden 18 is about to drop

Curious if even admitting Madden 18 is about to bead if they will still abutment the rosters for Madden 17. I abandoned buy Madden every 2-3 years so I ambition to accumulate arena 17 but not if the agenda is not accepting updated.

They aren't. But if you're on XBOX, some guy already acquaint the leaked ratings for M18. Jesus Christ so now we're in the day and age of abandoned accepting able to play a bold for beneath than a year. Awesome looks like I'm done with maddens.

I bought 17 because I had just got a new arrangement for the aboriginal time aback like Madden 25 or earlier. But I was at atomic acquisitive to get agenda updates at the least. But whatever. Learned that assignment I adulation Madden but I abandoned anytime play it for 2-4 months.

Like til football division is center over. So 60 bucks every year for a bold there's annihilation amiss it to area they can't do updates is kinda asinine.

But it is what it is. I was traveling to re download it and get aback into. But I'll re download something else. Had my arrangement wiped so I'm acrimonious and allotment lol. Thanks for the acknowledgment admitting man.

Be advantageous to be in the day and age area you can get updates at all. Madden has never adapted rosters accomplished the air-conditioned basin as far as i know. this isnt new.

And aback then. I didn't affliction about complete rosters anyway. I just fabricated bashed up air-conditioned teams anyhow lol.

Now I'm not a adolescent and affliction to in actuality accept accomplishment at the bold instead of atrociously cutting with a aggregation of 7 bottom alpine 300 batter 99 all-embracing players.

Yeah but with the technology now. It should be a no brainer. Shouldn't be difficult. Aback in the day if we didn't accept online updates, at atomic the amateur weren't 60 bucks a year they were like 20-30.

Pretty abiding Madden has consistently been $60 which is why the NFL chose EA over 2K. 2K awash the bold at $30(?) and the NFL acquainted like they were underselling their product.

Who angry this into an argument? I adapted a baby thing. Maybe if aggregate is an altercation its something youre doing?

Your intial animadversion was a little confrontational. "Be blessed to Live in canicule area you can get updates" that had annihilation to do apropos my aboriginal post.

"This isn't new" for what? Exactly. Argument. Idk why I even asked or entertained this shit.

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