MaddenVip - Madden 18 is self-aware

I don't apperceive about added modes, but if you're up by a lot in CFM, one of the commentators says something forth the curve of "You gotta admiration why they're throwing it actuality aggravating to access the lead. It's a video bold man!"

And afresh the added analyst says something like "Work out those fingers."

I apperceive there's addition instance area they beeline up say "This is Madden, go for it!" or something forth those lines. It's funny but it aswell takes you out of the game's astute feel.

Maybe its all a conspiracy. For years now EA has marketed Madden as a football simulator.

Maybe this breaking the fourth bank is a attenuate attack by EA to let the bold devolve into added arcade gameplay so they can alibi unrealistic gameplay. Or maybe im overthinking it.

See I anticipate it's cocky acquainted because the moment one of my bodies starts accepting a big bold he's anon afflicted for at atomic the blow of the game.

Ricardo Louis? You're rated a 67 and accept 3 catches for 92 yards? Actuality accept a PCL ache abroad from the brawl on a run.

Oh shit...David Njoku has bent 5 passes in the additional quarter? Torn ankle.

I anticipate it's appealing funny. Like, if you skip the halftime show, the commentators consistently accept something to say about it.

And the Year is 2020 and the LA Chargers are aback in San Diego. Added affidavit that Authorization approach was around bright for Madden 18.

Depressing. Assumption all their efforts were put into MUT and the abundantly dried Longshot mode... Haven't heard anyone allocution about Longshot aback like a anniversary afterwards release.

Longshot is candidly just embarrassing. They could've fabricated a accomplished new authorization approach or at atomic afflicted it up a bit, instead they actualize a banal ass cutscene with a brace of activity sequences.

What if it does appear though? 3 years is apparently too abbreviate but what if time goes by and they apprehend it just isn't alive out in LA and move aback to SD?

It's apathy on EA. I'm the Authorization drillmaster for the Chargers and we haven't relocated.

Yeah but the complete account actuality is that the Cowboys are acid alternating uniforms.

I'm the Las Vegas Raiders and they say "welcome aback to Salt Lake City..." and "Oakland scores".

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