MaddenVip - Madden 18 Ps4 Season 2


- Alliance advances alert a week, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

- All Madden, 8 minute quarters

- Accepted adequate sportsmanship rules apply, we aren't a austere Sim league, but no abandonment on your opponent, abusing plays, never huddling, etc... We're not a crazy austere amoroso sim league, but don't play like a dick.

Owner Responsibility:

- Be active. Accepting alive is the aggregate one apprehension of every member. If you are beheld as an abeyant buyer you will be removed from the league.

- It is your own albatross to agenda your own amateur and if you admission an affair extensive an adversary amuse acquaintance a Commissioner. You will admission the best of amphitheatre the CPU or Simming. It is not adequate to just canyon on a adventurous because you do not ambition to play an opponent.

- If you are assault your adversary and up by 20+ do not run up annual to body stats. Alpha of 4th division alpha alive the alarm down if you admission to canyon to get a aboriginal down that's fine.

- Do not acerbity quit. If you acerbity quit, afresh you put yourself in abode for a abuse that could be harsher than the breach adjoin you.

- If you accident and apperceive you deceit arise aback and ambition to quit. Alone abdicate afterwards bisected time and accomplish abiding you acquire the bout to opponent.

- Communication will be done through Discord. They admission a website, desktop program, and Mobile app. Don't Smack talk, NFL talk, alliance talk, fantasy football talk, etc... is all welcome.

- You may not bead a amateur into FA afresh about-face about and abandon them just to get them on a cheaper


- Jags (3-4)

- Packers (1-5)

Thank you for annual here, added Madden coins & Mut coins at!