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ROFL is a small, chill, fun, sim appearance Connected Authorization for humans who adulation arena authorization with others but dont acquire the time or activity for a 32 man league. We will be starting the offseason afterwards our aboriginal analysis this anniversary and keep up with this alliance until the next Madden.

Rules are below. Accept to use Groupme Alliance Rules: Acquire Fun! (We acquire active lives and this is a fun video game.) Be nice. Remember: anybody abroad is aggravating to acquire fun as well. This is a sim league. So, try to stick to arena the bold like people play in complete life. its a video game, so it wont be perfect, but lets accumulate it close.

No Aggregation Switching. (Stick with your team) Beforehand every 3 unless anybody is done afore then. (3 canicule resets every time we advance.) Trades: Human trades are Okay. Please don’t barter your brilliant players or all your abstract picks though.

Can alone barter for computer players on the barter block.

You may acquire trades the computer offers for players you put on the barter block. Drafting: You cannot acquire added than two picks in any round. Gameplay: Don’t cheese. Don't accumulate calling the aforementioned 2 plays over and over again. Don't nanoblitz.

Its not allotment of football. Custom playbook are accustomed 4th down:
-Be a gentleman. 
-You can go for it if you are down 14+ in the third quarter, or if you are down at all in the fourth quarter. 
-you can go for it if you are one your ancillary of the acreage and acquire 4th and 1 or 4th and inches.

Player Editing: Don't acclimate players. You can alone do position changes amid the aforementioned position groups (db's, lb's, etc.) except in the offseason. Arena Games: we will be ambrosial arctic about anybody arena their games. just accomplish abiding and acquaint if you deceit accomplish it.

If we dont apprehend from you for three basic weeks, we will accept you are backward from league.

Repercussions for not afterward rules: breaking gameplay rules: 1 bold abeyance for anniversary rules. connected breaking of rules can aftereffect in accepting booted. breaking barter rules: accept to absolution amateur you traded for and will lose whatever you gave up to get the player.

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