MaddenVip - Madden is on a mission to blend my division up

I affirm every breeze in 18 is like fucking D-Day for your team. 1 in every 4-5 plays ends in a abrasion abeyance on the absence slider. I angry it down to 10 and it's bigger but still seems too common even.

Games were demography so abundant best with all the alarm stops.

I wouldn't apperception if some of the injuries lasted like a division or two, but every one seems to be 4 weeks and longer. Aswell to my best players. Assumption I'll charge to about-face down the slider some more.

I affirm Madden does this on purpose. In 3 seasons I did as the Bills, Taylor, Watkins, and McCoy were all afflicted for a lot of of the games. Gotta about-face off injuries too accomplish it playable.

Just played through a division with my Titans. Mariota and Cassel with division enders, Murray with a PCL tear, Decker gone for 8 and absent Lewan and Conklin for 6 each.

Started a division with the Seahawks and absent Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett to abrasion in the aboriginal bisected of bold one.

Before I angry down the abrasion sliders, I absent Charcandrick West (twice), Kareem Hunt (also twice), Patrick Mahomes (fortunately not long-term), Justin Houston, and Chris Conley, in accession to several associates of my abhorrent line.

People are still accepting hurt, but it's abundant added astute now that I've angry down the sliders. Sadly, it can't alter Justin Houston for the blow of the season.

I alone injuries to 45 and it's still too high. Apparently traveling to get desperate and go down to 20 or lower. I've had 5 injuries through the preseason and 2 in anniversary 1.

The Chiefs concluded up with 14 injuries, 5 of them acquired by my aggregation in anniversary 1. It's ridiculous.

I wouldnt accept a botheration witht the injuries if they were not so severe. I could see if a guy had to appear out for like a few plays or something, but at this point, it's way to common and the severity of the injuries is concerning.

I've angry down the abrasion slider to 20, and I still accept a lot of injuries. The injuries are batty this year. I had 4 injuries aural two preseason weeks.

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