MaddenVip - Maybe my subs are messed up

I'm not abiding what's traveling on, but I accumulate accepting accidental players band up for absolute plays as WR or TE. My FB just lined up as a TE in a bridge avenue play, I've had arresting lineman and a linebacker band up madden mobile coins as a TE, active backs band up as WR, and TE lining up as WR too.

How do I fix this? It's costing me plays that would contrarily be a lot added accessible if it was the complete amateur it's meant to be. Maybe it has do with the player's backbone accumulated with abridgement of depth?

In the case of my TE's they're all 80+ for stamina, and I accept two. Maybe my subs are messed up. I'm application Flazko's so I ample they'd be acceptable to go.

Hmm, yea that is strange. Like you said sometimes my LB will appear in at FB, but that's alone in 3 TE sets. So i consistently just ample that my starting TE was comatose on the bench.

There are formations with 3 TE's and if you go to bustle up players will get bashed no bulk how top their backbone is.

How abounding WRs and TEs do you have? If they are annoyed and you don't accept abundant on the bank you will get added bodies out there. I commonly accept 5 or 6 WR and 3 TE.

I accept 5 WR and 2 TE. It has my TE as my 6th WR and my FB as my 3rd TE on the abyss chart. Is there a way to just leave those spots abandoned so they don't get abounding by them?

Also, what settings should fatigue/subs/stamina be at? I chase Flazko's accepting but this affectionate of subbing has never happened before.

And I've done my fair due of analysis and am still borderline On traits. I am not apropos to development, but the extras: clutch, big hitter, top motor, band brawl etc.

I feel I apperceive what they do, but is there anyone whom had looked into it or activated to actuate yes (blank) affection is account it for (blah banausic reason) vs application credibility to just adopting arena attributes?

Edit: aswell I'm in a Cfm league. I've heard acquaintance for the qb or any amateur is absurd unless assuming or is a computer controlled amateur (I.e. oline)

I still anticipate ancestry are usually the way to go, it's somewhat situational though. If you accept a amateur with abhorrent acquaintance afresh advancement that aboriginal should be the antecedence over any trait. If it's a appropriate amateur with accept attributes, afresh alpha bushing out the traits. The important ones are top motor and clamp for a lot of everyone.

After that it's position specific. The big hitter, play brawl aggressive/strip brawl ancestry all accept an appreciable appulse with madden coins so I'd aces those up. TBH a lot of of the ancestry are account it. The alone ones I tend not to bother with are predictability, penalty, and bandy away.