MaddenVip - My FB goes out there

My FB is accepting subbed in on every 3rd down.It has annihilation to do

with fatigue (he gets subbed in even if my amateur is at abounding strength). I

took him absolutely off the RB abyss chart with Madden Ultimate Team Coins.

  The in-game accumulation subs appearance my starting RB on the field, but

if I accept the play, my FB goes out there to Buy mut Coins.

  It's absolutely annoying. I play as the Panthers, so it's Mike Tolbert, but

I'd still rather acquire Jonathan Stewart out there.

  Is Tolbert still on the 3RB abyss chart? I apperceive usually JStew is 1st

on that abyss blueprint (at least, in 16 he is in a absence roster) but maybe

Tolbert is there for you...

  Omfg how did I never apprehend 3drb meant 3rd down active back?? I

consistently affected it was a appropriate teams position.

  Yea, Jstew got afflicted beforehand in the year and Tolbert accept to

acquire taken his atom there. Acknowledgment a ton, now I can advance that atom

bigger and put my amateur in on 3rd downs!

  Did you abolish him from the 3DRB allotment of the abyss chart? Adeptness

be causing the problem.So let me abridge this for my own understanding...

  Your FB is not a advancement RB, you're application a singleback set, and

your starters are not fatigued if they're subbed?

  Is this in Authorization or MUT? Additionally, if you took your FB off the

abyss blueprint did you acquire a advancement or did you just leave it