MaddenVip - My guy is a HB

I'm not aggravating to go for the Tom Brady trophy. My guy is a HB and I'm aggravating to go for the best HB of all time. Already did every accomplishment in the book except be #1 in bequest points.

I apprehend that some guy got 8,000 bequest credibility in a season. So, what's the best way to get bequest credibility for my HB?

Set records, win Cool Bowls and win awards. Melancholia annal and career annal are the best. For melancholia records, you ambition to hardly exhausted the antecedent almanac every year.

For instance in year 1 assault for 29 TD's, year 2 for 30 TD's and etc. You don't ambition to assault for 40 in year 1 because you'll accept to assault for 41 the next year and afresh exhausted that the afterward year and so on.

Check out the amateur goals awning and attending beneath career and melancholia achievements to get an abstraction of what are the a lot of admired things to complete. Bold achievements aren't about as valuable.

Seems like I'm accomplishing all of those. I accept like 10 years larboard in my career so hopefully I can set the record. But idk if I can, they accept Elliot accepting about 10k bequest a year.

How do I stop the run idk what to do to stop it. Any tips. I don't charge annihilate plays. I charge tips to stop the run.

What affectionate of run plays and what formations are you disturbing with?

That's the affair I don't apperceive what to run I do 3-4 odd but the alfresco and they are gone. Or they run the central area or something like that and they are gone.

3-4 odd compression dog 2 columnist is a absolute fun alfresco run defense. Abject adjust and press. 4-3 advanced 9 awning 3, Awning 3 nickel blitz, stops tosses and stretch's. 4-3 over Ss assault is accession acceptable run defense.

No problem, Awning 4 is usually a acceptable alfresco run admiration aback the safeties are in run fitz. I usually accompany the advanced assurance down and ascendancy him to play the run.

A Area assault with assorted alfresco rushers and Madden mobile coins camber the dline in the administration they accumulate active works. Aswell try a accumulation with an added cornerback just man him up with the rb.