MaddenVip - New Maddens accept larboard me behind


What are your opinions on todays Madden adjoin about 2006 on PS2. For me the play has gotten in actuality bad. They removed some glitches like the switching aback and alternating on bend rushers on punts and Madden NFL 18 Coins acreage goals (anyone bethink that BS?), but aloft that it kinda sucks. I'm arena on XB1. Is PS any better?

The players just don't assume to move to able-bodied like they acclimated to. Play activity bombs are appealing abundant gone even if you accept been alive it down your opponents throat. Application the hit stick is difficult IMO, admitting I accept played some humans who are absolute acceptable at it.

One amateur got 3 hit stick fumbles on me, which seemed over the top. The circuit move is ridiculously slow. There is about never a acceptable time to use juke as it too is apathetic as hell.

Controlling arresting players is difficult. It in actuality sucks cuz I acclimated to adore this bold a lot. I alone can't adjournment until aberrant football accord comes aback so I can put Madden down already again.

Worse is the quick out routes or bridge routes that humans use online. You can stop them, but what affectionate of bold play is it breadth you are affected to bulk out how to stop two routes out of the aforementioned accumulation the absolute game?

I about accept to about-face amid some 7 DB set breadth I either bead into coverage, assault some DBs, or run some array of spy breadth if they accept a adaptable QB.

One of those about works, it takes a division or two, but afresh it works already you punch it in. I usually exhausted these guys, but its arid AF.

Who would watch that bold in absolute life? The breadth of animations is antic too. I bought that bold to play it, not watch your shitty CGI garbage.

Especially not accepting able to avenue out of them if arena online. Fuc k your cartoon guy appropriate in his throat. Fire him.

In general, they've had 10 years on this bold and I feel like its gotten worse. Thoughts?

The cartoon accept gotten better. How could they not as technology increases by leaps and bounds. Animations are in actuality hit and miss, some better, some worse (totally subjective).

Other than that, new Maddens accept larboard me behind. They are centered on online play and MUTs with players "buying agenda cards". I accept in actuality no absorption in these locations of Madden.

I play the "old ones" because I ambition to artlessly drillmaster and Madden Mobile Coins run dynasties. I even absence creating new teams and uniforms, captivation a fantasy draft, and even starting accomplished new leagues.

What I absence a lot of is arena on my own PC, not my X-Box 360.

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