Maddenvip - New World Rabbit's Revenge Event


Maddenvip - New World Rabbit's Revenge Event

Participating in Rabbit's Revenge

Rabbit's Revenge is a minor seasonal event in New World that revolves around hunting Corrupted Rabbits. During the event, these corrupted creatures replace all other rabbit spawns in the game. Some of them are elite rabbits with explosive attributes, so exercise caution when engaging them. Participating in this event allows you to obtain event-exclusive drops in addition to the regular rewards from skinning defeated rabbits.

Rabbit's Revenge Rewards

Although Rabbit's Revenge is a relatively simple event, it offers several valuable rewards. These include Diamond Gypsum, Defiled Rabbit's Foot, a Cosmetic Rabbit Mask, and a unique storage chest.

Diamond Gypsum

One of the event rewards is Diamond Gypsum, which can be earned by defeating Corrupted Rabbits. You can collect up to six Diamond Gypsum per day with a 66% drop chance. It may take a few attempts to gather all six per day. Diamond Gypsum enables you to craft two Gypsum Casts daily, providing you with multiple chances to improve your gear and increase your Expertise. Over the entire event duration, you can earn a total of 72 Diamond Gypsum or 24 Gypsum Casts. By collecting drops quickly after the 18-hour reset, you can potentially obtain up to 32 Casts if you're diligent.

How to Obtain Defiled Rabbit's Foot

During the event, you can acquire Defiled Rabbit's Foot, a consumable item that increases your luck. The foot drops with an 80% chance, but you can only receive up to five per day. While luck consumables won't assist you in obtaining rare event rewards, they can boost your luck for other activities such as finding rare drops or obtaining better materials while gathering resources. Upon use, the Defiled Rabbit's Foot increases your luck by up to 5% for 40 minutes, scaling with your player level. Note that the luck bonus does not stack with other luck items, so if you still have Roasted Monstrous Turkey Dinners from the Turkey Terror Event, they can serve as a substitute, although they do not offer the same Constitution bonus.

How to Obtain the Corrupted Rabbit Mask

The Corrupted Rabbit Mask is a new cosmetic item that can be earned during the event. There is only a 0.5% chance of obtaining it, but there is also a "pity" drop after defeating 200 Corrupted Rabbits. Whether through sheer luck or dedicated hunting, you will be able to acquire this cosmetic item before the event concludes. The Corrupted Rabbit Mask features pale white fur and red eyes, making it a versatile addition to various cosmetic attires.

How to Obtain the Defiled Storage Chest of the Hare

The Defiled Storage Chest of the Hare is the final unique drop from the Rabbit's Revenge event. This larger storage chest increases storage space in the town where it is used as a housing decoration. It is considered one of the best storage chests available in the game. However, obtaining it is no easy task, as it has an extremely low drop rate of 0.25%. Similar to the Corrupted Rabbit Mask, there is a "pity" drop after defeating 400 Corrupted Rabbits, ensuring that you won't miss out on this valuable item. For newer players who haven't invested much in housing or storage chests, this can be a significant upgrade, offering an additional 1050 weight of storage, surpassing even the highest tier of craftable storage chests.

Best Corrupted Rabbit Hunting Locations

To make the most of the Rabbit's Revenge event, it's crucial to know the best locations for hunting Corrupted Rabbits. We'll discuss two accessible areas, one of which also provides other valuable resources.

Amrine Temple and Shattered Obelisk

One of the top choices for rabbit hunting is the area around Amrine Temple and Shattered Obelisk Points of Interest. Amrine Temple is located just north of Windsward, along the border between Windsward and Everfall. Shattered Obelisk is in southern Everfall, along the same border. These areas not only have an abundance of rabbits but are also easily accessible to players of various levels, with enemies around level 25. Additionally, you can find Squash in these areas, which is an ingredient used in the Roasted Rabbit with Seasoned Vegetable food recipe.


In Reekwater, there is a promising hunting spot near the Time's Advantage Spirit Shrine, just outside Fort Reekwater. Although this area has fewer rabbits, it offers other valuable resources. Alongside the small grouping of rabbits, you'll find numerous herbs. Since Reekwater is known for its Tarragon, you can gather this ingredient in addition to the rabbits. Tarragon is another essential component of the Roasted Rabbit with Seasoned Vegetables recipe.

It is highly recommended to wear the Skinner's Armor Set, if possible, or at least equip gear with Skinning Luck bonuses. While skinningthe rabbits is optional, it provides an opportunity to earn extra money during the event. Skinning Luck increases your chances of obtaining Sumptuous Rabbit, a required ingredient for the Roasted Rabbit with Seasoned Vegetables recipe.

Participating in the Rabbit's Revenge event in New World offers exciting New World Gold rewards. In addition, you can also choose to buy New World Coins from MMOexp. By defeating Corrupted Rabbits, you can collect Diamond Gypsum, Defiled Rabbit's Foot, and potentially earn the Corrupted Rabbit Mask and the Defiled Storage Chest of the Hare. Make sure to take advantage of the event's limited-time drops and utilize the best hunting locations, such as the areas around Amrine Temple and Shattered Obelisk, and the Reekwater region. Equip Skinner's Armor Set or gear with Skinning Luck bonuses for a better chance at obtaining valuable resources while skinning the rabbits. Happy hunting in the Rabbit's Revenge event!