MaddenVip - Next year to get Madden 18

Glad to see some blaze in TNF so far. I'm alone watching this bold because my archetype of Madden 16 assuredly died. I was in year 2039 with four altered franchises.

I assumption it's time I stepped down from my position, whether I was accessible to or not!

It just will not go accomplished the loading screen. I anticipation I may accept had a besmirched book because it froze in the average of a authorization bold and I had to reset.

Nope -- I deleted aggregate and even reinstalled. It just consistently freezes at the loading screen.

It's the alone bold I can play at night w/o alive my wife, too. (I accept attack and with that can arise insomnia.) But hey, it's about 3 years old, I assumption ... I had HUNDREDS of hours, so... I can't be too upset, right?

I capital to delay until next year to get Madden 18 aback all I play is authorization and I capital the new Lions uniforms afterwards paying abounding price.

Well, that and attack medication is noooot cheap. Regardless, so abundant for that idea.

"Back in my day, we just blew in the cartridge!"

Anyway, apologetic guys - just venting. Aback to your consistently appointed posts!

Pointlwss Edit: I just approved my archetype of '15 (yes, I'm old academy and accept concrete copies. Sorry.) And even admitting it loaded added than '16, it wouldn't bulk any array of absolute gameplay. I assumption the Ford ancestors in actuality wants to get rid of me, admitting my resume of success. Meanwhile, jokes abreast - this in actuality sucks.

I apperceive it sounds stupid, but I was captivation out for '18 to lower in amount because the Lions accept new uniforms this year.

Otherwise, I was arena '16 because it was the final division Detroit had Calvin Johnson and attack medication isn't bargain AT ALL so I consistently accept to delay a year anyway of Madden NFL 18 Coins, at least.

But yeah, if I ambition to play anytime anon it'll accept to be '17. It just sucks I lose all the teams I congenital over the decades of ascendancy LOL.