MaddenVip - Quick dev gets 2x as abundant as normal

I'm new to CFM and I'm aggravating to appraise players based on their age afore my accessible fantasy abstract takes place.

Does anyone apperceive how abundant XP a accustomed development abecedarian makes on boilerplate per season? Like would it be about 10k? Or afterpiece to 20k?

Here are the XP division totals you can accretion through bold prep, torn down through development trait, assignment amount, and focus amount. Amuse note, this does not cover XP you will accretion in abecedarian and through awards. This is all 17 weeks, additional the 4 preseason weeks. This aswell requires absence sliders (100) and players to be #1 or #2 on the abyss blueprint in their agenda position.

Dev Game Basic XP Focus XP Both

Slow 3150 1050 4200

Normal 6300 2100 8400

Quick 12600 4200 16800

Superstar 21000 6300 27300

Depends on what positions you train, whether you focus alternation him, his position on abyss chart, your coach's xp packages, and whether he hits his weekly/season/milestone goals.

Dev affection will affect how abundant he gets for all those except goals. Quick dev gets 2x as abundant as normal, SS gets 3x as much.

Let's do some math... it varies by position but accustomed dev nets you about 400 XP per ceremony in training (with a gold medal) additional accession 100 or so with a drillmaster boost.

Focus training gets you accession 100. So that's 600 per week, times 21 for pre-season additional approved season, additional up to four added including column season.

So best for a accustomed dev amateur is about 15000 xp per season. Quick will about bifold this and SS will about amateur it (around 25-27000 and 40-42000 respectively).

So that's what you can apprehend to net if you focus alternation and accept drills that ambition a player's position accumulation all year. Goals will accord him extra, and pro bowl/awards are added afresh and madden mobile coins afflicted by dev trait, age, how abounding awards they've won afore and ovr.