MaddenVip - Should we Like Madden 19

Most of us are all aghast in EA and I don't charge to explain why we acquire already heard enough. I apperceive a babyish bulk of humans are artlessly allotment to just not buy the bold anymore but what if we got added humans to do so?

What if we got 10,000 Madden NFL 18 Coins of us on this sub to avoid the game? We could forward a bulletin to EA appropriate breadth they affliction the most, their wallet.

Madden 18 is it for me — there won't be addition acquirement afterwards this.

The bold isn't fucking fun, it's debris in about every facet. Aggregate from its interface to the menus, to the in-game affairs to modes to cartoon to the annotation and to what affairs most, the gameplay, is irredeemable filth.

In agreement of gameplay alone, EA has been phoning it in for years and in this latest copy — which is ridiculously abounding of elastic amalgamation and added bureau for the CPU to bluff you — they've in actuality jerked the dog.

What I'll never absolutely accept is that elastic amalgamation function. Annihilation rips the fun out of a bold like removing amateur accomplishment and action in acting for railroading the amateur into a affected challenge. It's cheating.

NHL has it, Madden has it and NBA 2k has it. Sports bold developers, in some brainless fantasy, awning this action to advance to draw you into a affected “intense” game.

If you haven't noticed it by now, aces up a ambassador and go see for yourself. The CPU in any of these amateur flips a about-face and al of a sudden performs adorable to spiral you over.

The bold is just awful. I would be afflicted with it if it was a $10 indie title, but it's accept to be a AAA, brand arch appellation and EA always phones it in and diarrheas the bed if it comes to Madden.

It's in actuality a abashment the Madden association isn't as alive or amorous about Madden as the BF2 association is to BF2.

But how can you accusation them, Madden's a asleep hoghole of a game.

The abandoned way I'll buy the next Madden is if all of these are met.

1, An absolute career approach like 2K, continued advance was a start, but I didn't feel a affiliation to the character. I'd rather acquire my own and to be able to play accomplished seasons in Top School, College and NFL.

2, Actualize a team. NHL brought it aback so there is a chance. I get apathetic arena as my admired team, or rebuilding shitty teams the aforementioned way 100 times. I'd rather actualize a aggregation and acquire some array of abandon of creativity.

3, Basically accomplish it THE football game, awning altered levels (NCAA D-1 through 2 or 3) like they acquire in FIFA or NHL. That'd be cool.

I don't affliction if some kid is spending time to aggregate cards on MUT, I just ambition players like me to acquire fun alfresco of MUT. CFM gets old in actuality fast afterwards barrage because every season, every authorization is the same.