MaddenVip - That adeptness not plan in Madden


My accompany and I do this all the time in MLB The Appearance and it's so abundant fun.

I ambition to acquire the adeptness to use Aqib Talib as a WR, JJ Watt as a TE, and Aaron Donald as an RB. Granted, I don't anticipate it would be a absurd abstraction for Madden Coins purposes of acceptable games, but I would at atomic like the option/freedom to do so.

It's not in the bold because it's about exploited, and the bold AI/balance is just not acceptable abundant to in actuality simulate how, say, a advanced receiver would play at QB.

In the PS2-era of Madden (maybe even 360 I don't remember), an simple ambush to actualize Mike Vick 2.0 was just to put a fast WR at Quarterback, and the bold antithesis was so messed up that even an NFL amateur who had never befuddled a canyon in his life would be a baleful QB with the appropriate playcalls.

Instead of in actuality alive to antithesis that (ultra apathetic release, abhorrent accuracy, disability to move bound in the pocket, etc), they mostly instead just removed the adeptness for a lot of players to play at added badly altered positions.

In Franchise, you can change a players position and use them elsewhere, but not on the fly in a game.

NCAA Football did it abundant area you had "athletes" advancing assimilate your aggregation as affairs and they were about all about acceptable players at a bulk of positions (WR, RB, CB, maybe QB as well), but one position they excelled the a lot of at.

As the coach, you got to accredit their position and afresh you could change it depending on your next recruiting chic (say, bandy a CB aback to a WR for instance), and they could about play both positions.

That adeptness not plan in Madden (almost aught NFL players accomplish affecting positional changes like that in the NFL, occasionally you get a QB -> WR like Julian Edelman, Brad Smith, Randel El, and Terrelle Pryor, etc but it's not common).

But, agreed, it should be accustomed in non-competitive H2H play with accompany because, why not?

Yeah, but afresh you could acquire brainless bits like arena your punter or madden mobile account article for emergency QB if you could acquire Denard Robinson or some added aloft academy QB on your team.